Factors, Risk Premia

Factor-Based Investing: The Long-Term Evidence
Elroy Dimson, Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton
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Fixed Income and Structured Finance

How Securitization Can Benefit from Blockchain Technology
Lewis Rinaudo Cohen, Lee Samuelson and Hali Katz
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Junk Bonds

Hedging Systematic Risk in High Yield Portfolios with a Synthetic Overlay: A Comparative Analysis of Equity Instruments vs. Credit Default Swaps
Arik Ben Dor and Jingling Guan
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Sovereign Debt

Is Contagion Infecting Your Portfolio? A Study of the Euro Sovereign Debt Crisis
Dirk G. Baur and Gunter Löffler
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ESG Investing

Sin Stocks Revisited: Resolving the Sin Stock Anomaly
David Blitz and Frank J. Fabozzi
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Socially Responsible Indexes
Meir Statman
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Gaussian Copula

On Default Correlation
David X. Li
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Valuing Credit Derivatives Using an Implied Copula Approach
John C. Hull and Alan D. White
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Fintech Codgers Look Back 25 Years
David Leinweber
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FinTech Is Merging with IoT and AI to Challenge Banks: How Entrenched Interests Can Prepare
Paul Schulte and Gavin Liu
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Blockchain-Crypto Currency

Blockchain and the Future of Financial Services
Matthew Peterson
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Blockchain: Data Malls, Coin Economies, and Keyless Payments
Zura Kakushadze and Ronald P. Russo
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Behavioral Finance

Aspects of Investor Psychology
Daniel Kahneman and Mark W. Riepe
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A Unified Behavioral Finance
Meir Statman
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Financial Crisis

Crisis and Innovation
Robert J. Shiller
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